Company overview

About Friends.

Friends From The City is a fully remote, digital services agency that customizes private sector innovations for the government’s needs. We are a collective of skilled technologists and creative problem-solvers committed to expanding ethical design and technology solutions within the public sector. We operate with over a decade of federal government experience, and we reference the U.S. Digital Services Playbook for best practices in managing and standardizing our unique approach to projects. Our approach maximizes cost savings and increases efficiency with uncompromised quality. We are a proud SDVOSB.

Key Differentiators

What makes us different.

Friends From the City's Key Differentiators
Core Competencies

How we make an impact.

Services we provide
How we Impact
User Experience Research (UXR)
We provide realistic context and insights to the design process.
User Experience Design (UXD)
We take a human-first approach to designing digital products.
User Interface Design (UI)
We simplify user interfaces by making them easy to use and understand.
Agile Software Development
Our Agile approach adds value for users faster, and with less headache.
We provide continuous delivery of services with high quality software.
Past Performance

We are proud of our work.

Agencies we've worked with
What we accomplished
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
As part of Agile Six, we provided UX Research & Design services for a custom Content Management System (CMS) developed for VA employees.
FRTIB/ Thrift Savings Plan
In collaboration with 18F, we provided Research, UX and UI Design services for the complete redesign of
CMS/ Quality Payment Program
As part of Agile Six, we provided UX Research and Design services for the improvement of The Quality Payment Plan’s (QPP) public-facing website, and their internal clinician-access portal.

Dive Deeper into our UX Process

Here’s an in-depth, academic dissertation about our UX Process. Kidding! It’s an easy read, we promise. Learn more about how we do UX at Friends From The City. Download our Capabilities Statement.